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Ingredient Profile: Sacha Inchi Seeds (NOT a Peanut)

    All About Sacha Inchi Seeds

    You may have heard of Sacha Inchi Seeds somewhere and are wondering what they are. Sometimes they’re called Jungle Peanuts. Let’s clear the air upfront: Sacha Inchi Seeds are NOT Peanuts.

    Sacha Inchi seeds are sometimes called jungle peanuts because they grow in jungle climates, and taste like peanuts when you lick them. Makes sense when you think about it. they’re kind of like tiger nuts: awesome ingredient with a terrible name.

    You may also see these labeled as Inca Nut. These seeds are also NOT nuts.

    Where to Purchase Sacha Inchi

    You can purchase whole seeds as well as powder forms of sacha inchi. I absolutely love Zego Pure Protein made from sacha inchi seeds only. It’s one of the very few top 9 allergy free proteins that isn’t made from a pea protein isolate.

    The brand Imlak’esh sells Sacha Inchi seeds in glass jars in our area. The facility where the seeds come from also processes cashews. That’s the only allergen on site at this time.

    You can also search online and purchase sacha inchi oil. I have yet to experiment with the oil.

    Sacha Inchi As a Superfood

    Sacha Inchi is considered a superfood (remember, that’s a made-up buzz word to sell you something) because of its nutritional benefits. Here’s the thing about superfoods: it’s not uncommon to find a “regular food” with almost just as much nutritional benefit at a fraction of the price.

    Personally, it’s rare that I hop on the superfood train. This is one of the few times I do because for people with multiple and severe allergies, it can be hard to find a food source that meets their daily nutritional needs.

    Nutritional Benefits of Sacha Inchi

    Sacha Inchi is a complete protein and has all 8 of the essential amino acids the human body can’t create. The seed is also 30% protein by weight. In addition to the protein, Sacha Inchi is a fantastic source of plant based omega. A one ounce serving can contain upwards of 4,000 mg Omega 3 ALA. You can read more about omega and its importance here.

    Sacha Inchi is also a decent source of iron as well, with up to 8% of your RDA in a one ounce serving.

    The Taste of Sacha Inchi Seeds

    I had the kids try the seeds I purchased, and none of them were fans. They did say that the seeds taste like peanuts when you lick them, but once you chew them, it’s all downhill from them.

    When The Papa tried one, he said that it has the texture of a peanut and the taste of one when you lick it. It has similar characteristics to peanuts when you bite into it, but it tastes more like sunflower than a peanut as you chew it. I guess someone could develop a taste for it, but it may taste better if you dip it in chocolate. A candy coating around it would be radical.

    How To Use Sacha Inchi

    When you purchase sacha inchi, most likely it will be in the form of prepared seeds or powder, as compared to their raw format. The whole seeds can be used in salads and smoothies. Anywhere you’d like to add a crunch, these seeds would be a great addition.

    If you’re allergic to peanuts, these would be fun in a peanut-style Asian dish to bring back the peanut flavour. For people who want the nutrition benefits without the flavour, add the seeds or powder to a smoothie. The other flavours will mask the sacha inchi pretty well.

    When it comes to the powder, or something like the Zego Pure Protein, you can add that to baked goods, power balls, homemade ice cream, and more.

    My Personal Takeaway on Sacha Inchi

    Should you rush out to purchase this seed? Maybe. If you have severe food allergies and can’t seem to find a good source of omega or protein, this could be a great supplement in your diet. However, if you’re able to eat other sources, I’d say save your pennies for a new LEGO set.

    I personally feel these are a great dietary addition to people who have an allergy to all tree nuts, fish, shellfish, and peanuts; especially if allergic to all four.

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