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About The Allergy Chef

Kathlena, The Allergy Chef, has quite the background! Living with life threatening food allergies herself, she’s been making a difference in the allergy and restricted diet communities for over a decade.

In that time, she has opened an award winning bakery (Free and Friendly Foods), published 6 cookbooks, several recipe bundles and inspiration guides, and traveled the United States as part of the Food Allergy Expedition Tour. In addition to these accomplishments, Kathlena has been featured on a wide variety of podcasts and is looked to as a trusted resource in the allergy community. She’s also created over 600 recipes, allergy courses, hundreds of articles, and webinars that live on her sister site, RAISE, that is catered to help anyone living with a restricted diet.

You can find a link to her cookbooks here, and for her subscription site here.

Leaning into her expertise, Kathlena has contributed to and been featured in dozens of articles over the years. While the list is lengthy, have a look at some of our favorites.

Kathlena lended her expertise in this consumer reports article about peanut allergies and substitutions.

This short write up promotes Kathlena’s involvement in the Food Allergy Awareness Expedition.

Have you ever been curious how The Allergy Chef chose a name for her award winning bakery? Click here to find out!

A food blogger attends her first vegan food fair and was impressed with the bakery offerings from Kathlena!

The Allergy Chef is quoted in discussing the serious issues of allergies in the media.

Have you ever thought about the many different ways that your food can come into contact with allergens? The Allergy Chef has! Read the article to see how she prevents cross contamination in her kitchen.

Sometimes, medical diagnoses aren’t what they seem. Kathlena wrote this article to highlight the role food can play on our overall health and how it can be used to control symptoms.

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