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The Allergy Chef: Changing The World, One Bite at a Time

The Allergy Chef Offers a Range of Services

The Allergy Chef Menu and Recipes
Menu Planning & Recipe Development
The Allergy Chef Provides Staff Training
Speaking Engagements & Staff Training
The Allergy Chef in The Classroom
The Allergy Chef in The Classroom

The Allergy Chef has many programs and services available for individuals and businesses. Be sure to schedule a call to discuss the scope of your needs.

Ask The Allergy Chef!

Learn from what other readers have asked about managing food allergies and special/restricted diets.

Seen On

The Allergy Chef has been featured on TV shows, podcasts, and more. Here are just some of the places Kathlena has been.

Free Recipe Week

Pop in your info and I'll send you TWENTY amazing recipes. Each recipe is Gluten Free, and Top 9 Allergy Free.