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Home » Ask The Allergy Chef: Help with feeding an egg free toddler breakfast?

Ask The Allergy Chef: Help with feeding an egg free toddler breakfast?

    Ask The Allergy Chef: Egg Free Toddler Breakfasts

    Hi. I have a toddler that’s egg free and breakfast is kicking my butt. Please help. Ideas? Recipes? I need to get this kid to eat.

    Hey there. First, I want to liberate you. ANYTHING can be served in the morning and it’s breakfast. If your child loves steak and mashed potatoes, serve it for breakfast. See my point?

    Next, what textures, temperatures, and tastes does your child already like? Try to create breakfasts that fall into what you know they enjoy. It could give you more success. Be careful with that though. It can be a double edge sword and make selective/picky eating worse.

    Now, we have to ask this question: does the food taste GOOD? That includes texture. If not, maybe that’s why they don’t want to eat what’s served. 

    Are you serving too many new things? Is the plate too full which can make kids feel overwhelmed? Is your child helping prepare the food, which in turn makes them more likely to eat it? These are all things you can adjust, and that’s before we look at a recipe.

    When people are first starting out egg free, I always suggest skipping baking, unless you’re following proven recipes. It’s easy to get egg free wrong. Basics that are naturally egg free include: oatmeal, cream of buckwheat, smoothies, produce, animal protein. You could create a rotation of those and be OK for a while.

    I want to add this: you’re in a very normal/typical phase of childhood where selective/picky eating is a thing. It too shall pass.

    Hope this helps!
    ~The Allergy Chef

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