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Ask The Allergy Chef: New to Packing Free-From Lunches

Ask The Allergy Chef: New to sending lunch to school, have tips?

    Hi. This is our first year sending lunch to school for our child with food allergies. Do you have any good lunch recipes, or ideas?

    Why yes, yes I do. But first, let’s chat about lunch theory, then I’ll link you to some articles along with ebooks you can purchase.

    First, get your kid involved. This can be with the La La Lunchbox app (free), working with you in the kitchen, grocery shopping, and so on.

    Second, ignore all the food rules you see online. A fed child is one that can learn well at school. If the internet tells you that every lunch needs to have 3 forms of produce and your kid doesn’t want that, don’t send it. The most important thing is that they eat their lunch.

    Third, novelty items can get you pretty far (think cute food, food picks, etc).

    Fourth, make it cool. It can be cute food, cool tooth picks, etc. Free-from kids are sometimes picked on because of their food, so if it’s cool, others are less likely to comment.

    Fifth, have a simple formula. Main + packaged snack/homemade snack + produce. This makes it much easier to approach lunch packing.

    This mini eCourse Food Allergy Help 101: Lunch is a huge help, so be sure to check it out.

    Happy lunch packing!
    ~The Allergy Chef

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