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Staff Training

    The Allergy Chef loves coming to business and food service locations to provide training and education regarding food allergies. She can help your staff better understand allergies and intolerances, so they in turn can better serve your customers.

    Training includes a walk through and assessment of your facility, as well as hands on training with your staff. Through this time, your employees will learn how to handle food with allergies and cross-contamination in mind. Staff Training is excellent for many service providers, including:

    • Food Trucks
    • Movie Theaters
    • Daycare Centers
    • School Cafeterias (Private, Charter, Elementary, Middle & High School, Colleges & Universities)
    • Elementary School Teachers
    • Small Coffee Shops & Cafés
    • Hospitals & Care Homes
    • Hotels, Spas, & Resorts
    • Country Clubs & Community Clubs
    • Catering Companies
    • Military & Government Facilities
    • Corporate Cafeterias

    In today’s busy world, food is being served at many traditional and non-traditional locations. At the same time, the diagnosis for a food allergy is on the rise in children and adults. The Allergy Chef has sadly witnessed so many establishments claim to be gluten free, or allergy friendly, and yet have clear and blatant contamination of their food. Often times, this is a result from poor, or lack of, effective and memorable staff training. Let her assist you in making your establishment an option for those with allergies.

    Let’s Meet and Talk About Your Needs

    Before booking The Allergy Chef, let’s meet to talk about the needs of your establishment. Get in touch to book an appointment and Kathlena will cover a range of topics to help you decide which training package will meet your needs best.

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