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The Allergy Chef in The Classroom

The Allergy Chef in The Classroom

    The Allergy Chef and the team at Free & Friendly Foods have launched an innovative program to help children, adults, and parents better understand food allergies. Here’s what a teacher recently had to say about the experience:

    “Kathlena provided a great presentation about food allergies. She gave very thoughtful answers and encouraged students to ask challenging questions that helped everyone in the room walk away with a deeper understanding of what it means to live with a food allergy.”

    We offer a wide range of speaking engagements for schools and parents to enjoy.

    Elementary Schools, grades 1 – 5

    Schools have several package options when having The Allergy Chef and team visit. We generally speak to grades 1 – 5, and will consider lower and higher grades on a case by case basis.

    • Whole School & Parent Meeting Package
    • Whole School Package
    • 2 Hour Single Class Package, includes decorating cookies and cupcakes
    • 75 Minute Single Class Package, includes decorating cupcakes

    Some of the topics we cover with children include: what is a food allergy, top 8 allergies, how to keep your friends safe, and more.

    Colleges & Universities

    The Allergy Chef can speak to your students to help them gain a new understanding of living with an allergy as an adult. This class is geared towards practical living advice, how to handle social situations, anxiety/depression, the challenges that you’ll face in the kitchen, and more. This is an opportunity to have an engaging presenter, followed by a time of questions and answers.

    PTA & Large Parent Meetings

    The Allergy Chef will speak to your small or large group of parents about children with food allergies. This is a time of learning, followed by a questions and answers session. Top 8 Allergy Free Cupcakes from the Free and Friendly Foods Bakery are provided. This helps parents see that top 8 free is possible when their kids are having a party or gathering. Topics covered includes:

    • What is a food allergy
    • Allergies on the rise
    • No nut zones and why they exist
    • Lunch and snack ideas
    • Party options, including food-free parties
    • How to serve a child with food allergies

    Let’s Meet and Talk About Your School’s Needs

    Would you like to have The Allergy Chef speak at your school, or in your child’s classroom? You can get in touch for our current rates, or to book an appointment to meet with us. Meetings are held on Zoom, and it gives us a chance to make sure that our program is a good fit for your institution.

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