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Ask The Allergy Chef: Mental Health Allergic Reactions

Ask The Allergy Chef: Any truth to food affecting mood etc?

    Hi. I’ve read that in some people their reactions to food are mood change and things like brain fog. Is there any truth to this?

    Hey, I’m so glad you asked. It’s important to know that no two people are the same. Honestly, that’s what makes allergies, intolerances, and food-based medical conditions so hard to study. You can give person A milk and they have a specific reaction, and person B will have a different reaction to the same amount of milk.

    Yes, it is absolutely possible to have reactions to food that are neurological. This includes brain fog, anxiety, depression, mood swings, rage, apathy, and everything else in between.

    Interestingly, a very large percentage of people with Celiac Disease self-report their top symptom as something neurological-based.

    This article goes a lot deeper into the topic. I’d invite you to read it to have a better understanding of what some people experience. Remember, it’s not everyone who experiences this.

    For those managing children, I always let them know, if you have a naturally chill kid who flips out after eating, that’s a red flag. Especially if there’s a consistent pattern. It’s another reason why keeping a detailed food journal is critical when you’re not living with what I like to call quick and obvious reactions (such as vomiting within 10 minutes of ingestion). In those cases, it’s very clear what the trigger was. For those with non-traditional reactions, a journal will be necessary.

    Hope this helps!
    ~The Allergy Chef

    Food Intolerance and Allergy Affecting Behavior

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