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Home » Ask The Allergy Chef: Wheat and egg free starch options?

Ask The Allergy Chef: Wheat and egg free starch options?

    Ask The Allergy Chef: Wheat and Egg Free Starches

    Hi. Busy tired mom here. I know kids need starches and grains in their diet for energy, but I’m feeling lost. We’re a wheat and egg free home. What are my choices?

    Hi Busy Mom! I know that feeling, having raised four kids myself. Here’s the thing, there are a lot of carbohydrate options that are naturally wheat free that I think we tend to forget. For example, rice, potato, sweet potato, and quinoa are all wheat and egg free starches that you can easily make. Each one also has more than one variety that you can rotate through to keep life interesting.

    One easy way to add variety is to rotate through seasonings. If you don’t have the mental energy to create your own seasoning blends, companies such as Spicely and iRiEVEDA sell delicious blends (both are made in top 8 allergy free facilities).

    Gluten free tortillas might be another option for you, along with gluten free crackers. With both, be sure to double check the allergy status if your kids can’t have food made on shared equipment.

    Here’s a great article you can read about gluten free grains and starches to serve, and also how you can create a range of flavours. This article, whilst pancake focused, will also give you ideas on keep food interesting.

    Happy reading!
    ~The Allergy Chef

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