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Ask The Allergy Chef: How do I expand what I’m safely cooking?

    Ask The Allergy Chef: We're in a Cooking Rut

    Hi! I’m happy to say that I’ve really got a handle on cooking meals that are safe for everyone in our home. Now my problem is, how do I get out of making the same few things over and over again? We’re getting burned out on meals. Please help.

    First, Congrats!! You’ve conquered the hard part and that’s the elimination and getting things right so everyone is at neutral and feeling their best. Now, the fun part. Experimenting!!

    You have a couple of choices. Either do all of the experimenting yourself, or follow recipes. Should you choose the latter, try to find recipes that require little to no modification on your end. This allows you to really see how the ingredients work together.

    I don’t know what restrictions you’re managing, but I can tell you that RAISE (our membership website) has over 600 free-from recipes. There’s also the Advanced Recipe Search (ARS) with more than 85 filters. You can go through the filters and see what the results are that would be totally tailored to your needs. You don’t need to be a member to use the ARS, and you might get some great ideas scrolling through pictures of food.

    Know which diet type(s) you overlap with. For example, someone who is gluten free and dairy free overlaps with Paleo and several other major diet types. This makes searching for cookbooks, bloggers, chefs, and recipes much easier.

    I’ve added resources for you below. They’re going to give you some great ideas on how to add variety and falvour to your meals to keep them interesting. Let’s say you’ve mastered chicken and rice. There are dozens and dozens of ways to prepare chicken and rice. So many that you could make it 3 times a week and never eat the same variation twice in a year or more.

    I say that to say this: now that you understand the fundamentals of how your safe ingredients work together, you can now incorporate flavouring agents to jazz things up.

    Happy cooking!
    ~The Allergy Chef

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