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    RAISE Website

    RAISE is the new Membership Platform from The Allergy Chef and Team at Free & Friendly Foods. One of the best perks, in our opinion, when joining RAISE is the extended and exclusive access to The Allergy Chef. She will be spending a lot of time on this platform and developing invaluable resources for RAISE Members.

    At RAISE, new content is shared almost DAILY. This includes Recipes, Allergy Seminars, Corn Free Courses, Expert Interviews, Kitchen Help, and more. Additionally, you have the ability to reach out to us at any time for assistance.

    We know that living with food allergies, and raising children with food allergies, is not easy. RAISE is here to help you along the way, and help you thrive.

    But what does RAISE stand for??

    We’re so glad you asked. When we were putting this together, we wanted to include as many people as possible. RAISE stands for: Restricted diets, Allergies, Intolerances, Special diets, and EOE. To expand on that, we consider diets such as Paleo, GAPs, AIP, SCD, and Vegan to fall under the special category. See? The gang’s all here.

    How is this different from all of the other things you do (foodandlego, cookbooks, Monday Night Live, etc.)?

    Another great question! All of the content found on RAISE is exclusive to RAISE. We are currently considering taking an extended break from cookbooks, and recipes on FoodandLego to focus most of our energy on the RAISE platform.

    What does it mean to be a Founding Member?

    Those of you who choose to get in on the ground floor will be relishing in early bird rates, forever. That’s right. For as long as you are a member, your early bird rate will be your monthly rate.

    Ready to join?

    Click here to read about the different membership levels, perks, and pricing (including that sweet early bird deal).

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