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Home » Ask The Allergy Chef: Will there be top 8 free food at hospital?

Ask The Allergy Chef: Will there be top 8 free food at hospital?

Ask The Allergy Chef: Free-From Child is Having an Operation Soon

My daughter is top 8 allergy free and needs to have an operation soon. What are the chances there will be safe food available for her?

Hi. The hard truth: No chance. There are a few small areas around the US, I’d say you have a better chance. I only know this because a few friends with food businesses are supplying local hospitals with free-from food. You’ll need to call the hospital, well in advance, to talk to their staff about your daughter’s needs and what the possibilities are. If she can’t have food made on shared equipment, you’ll also need to ask about that. Be sure to understand their procedures.

In the grand scheme though, no chance. Not only that, but you’re looking a huge cross contact risk. I’d suggest reading this free article that outlines what you can expect when going to an ER or hospital. It also covers how to be prepared.

Our membership website, RAISE, also has additional resources on this topic including a Hospital Go-Bag Checklist and a guide on How to Compound Medication.

Definitely start with the article, as it’s going to provide you with a lot of insight, and help you get ready for your daughter’s operation.

Hope it all goes well!
~The Allergy Chef

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