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Ask The Allergy Chef: How Do I Keep Up with Hungry Kids?

Ask The Allergy Chef: My Kids with Food Allergies are ALWAYS Hungry

    Hello. I’m finding it difficult to keep my three kids fed. Two have different food allergies and the third has none. My problem though is that they’re ALWAYS hungry. Someone is always asking for something else to eat. I’m grateful they’re not picky eaters, but I don’t know how to keep up. Help?

    Hi. Having raised four kids, I know exactly where you’re at. When they’re growing and hungry all the time and you’re juggling so much… Here’s the advice I can offer.

    1. Make sure all meals include protein and fat. This will keep them fuller, longer.

    2. Batch cook, including things like muffins. This makes the constant need for food feel a little less overwhelming.

    3. Make it easy for the kids to feed themselves. This can be a snack bin with packaged items, or a snack drawer in the fridge. Make it so they don’t have to depend on you every single time.

    Since picky eating isn’t a problem, and the kids are clearly hungry, I wouldn’t be too keen on a strict feeding schedule, which is often a recommendation. It’s done in part to help kids understand hunger cues and division of responsibility. In your case however, it could have the opposite effect.

    When you have some time, I’d also suggest assessing the calories you’re providing. Sometimes we can provide loads of healthy food choices without realizing they’re mostly low calorie options. You can bulk their meals with high calorie options, or make nutritionally boosted muffins and smoothies to make sure they’re getting enough each day.

    Whole food fats such as avocado can help satisfy your kids for longer. A fun, kid friendly avocado option: chocolate avocado pudding. You can even add banana if they’re fans. Another whole food fat snack is chia pudding. It’s super easy to make at home, and you can have several flavours on tap in the fridge.

    Here are a few more resources that can help when feeding hungry kids. I hope you’re able to find a system that works well for you and the kids soon, so you can take a much needed break.

    Wishing you all the best!
    ~The Allergy Chef

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