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Ask The Allergy Chef: Can I Really Have a Corn Free Thanksgiving?

Ask The Allergy Chef: Is a Truly Corn Free Thanksgiving Possible?

    Hi! I’ve been following for a while and have a corn allergy. I’m wondering, is it really possible to have a corn free Thanksgiving? In my case, also top 8 allergy free, coconut free, and rice free.

    Hello Hello! It’s always “nice” meeting someone else with a corn allergy. I’ve got great news! Yes, a truly corn free Thanksgiving is possible. When I say that, I’m referring to both “top level” corn and all corn derivatives. In your case, the recipes and thoughts I have in mind are all also US top 8/9 allergy free, coconut free, and rice free.

    Having a corn free Thanksgiving, is going to come down to two questions: do you have the raw materials, and, can this actually be done? In both cases, the answer is yes.

    I should also add elbow grease and creativity. Let’s be honest, it won’t be an easy meal to pull off. This article for RAISE Members goes in-depth on 16 Thanksgiving dishes and how to make them truly corn free. I go over how to source the raw materials, how to substitute, and in a lot of cases, link to recipes that are already on RAISE, waiting for you to enjoy.

    The hardest (read: time consuming) dish based on your needs will be the stuffing. I only say that because it requires a lot of steps and prep work.

    I’ll add this tip: don’t try to do it all. A corn free Thanksgiving requires a lot of time and energy. Select 5 dishes and focus on those. Even better if you can have kitchen help.

    Happy Corn Free Thanksgiving!
    ~The Allergy Chef

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