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Ask The Allergy Chef: Free-From Snacks

Ask The Allergy Chef: Easy Free From Snacks or Tips?

    Hi. We can’t purchase snacks due to the allergy combination. Do you have any easy snack tips or ideas?

    Without knowing the exact allergies, yes. Take what you can from the list. Be sure to check out Food Allergy Help 101: Snacks. It’s going to have a lot more info for you.

    • Produce platter (safe produce, have some cute cuts on the platter too) article link cute food for kids
    • Apple donuts (cut an apple into slices, then use a small cookie cutter to make a hole. Add safe yogurt as the “glaze” and top with safe sprinkles.
    • Homemade trail mix (really just any combination of nuts, seeds, toasted oats, chocolate chips, dried fruit, and little candies)
    • Homemade power bars/balls (can be nut or seed based)
    • Small portions of main meals (remember, anything can be served in a small portion and be called a snack)
    • Muffins (batch cook and freeze)
    • Low sugar homemade cookies
    • Meatballs and maple syrup (I totally do this with bison)
    • Ants on a log (celery, nut/seed butter, raisins or cranberries on top) cranberries can be fire ants.
    • Cookie Dough Hummus, it’s the only hummus my kids will eat.
    • Boosted Brownies and milk of choice (they’re nutritionally boosted)
    • Homemade fruit leather
    • Chips and dip (there are a lot of options here)
    • Popcorn or popped sorghum (choking hazard for kids under 4)
    • Frozen fruit pops (ex: cut thick watermelon triangles, place it on a stick, freeze)
    • Apple dipping board (different apple varieties, sliced, paired with all sorts of dips your kids like)

    Happy Snacking!!
    ~The Allergy Chef

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