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Ask The Allergy Chef: Do You Know of Any Allergy Friendly Puffed Toddler Snacks?

Ask The Allergy Chef: Do You Know of Any Allergy Friendly Puffed Snacks for Toddlers?

    Hi, I’d like to purchase some puffed snacks to introduce the texture to my toddler. Do you know of any allergy friendly brands? Seems like everything I find either contains major allergens, or is made on shared equipment. My toddler doesn’t seem to tolerate shared equipment.

    Hi, I know of a few, but as you know, shared equipment will be an issue.  In recent years, I’ve seen a lot of companies change their allergy status. These were brands that were manufacturing on top 9 equipment that have now switched to a new copacker and use shared equipment. Whilst my list is not an exhaustive one, please be sure to contact each company before ordering anything to try.

    If none of these options work out, look for single puffed ingredients. You may be able to find puffed rice, millet, or quinoa as a single ingredient made on equipment that’s OK for your toddler. If you can find something like that, you can season it yourself at home with spices and a granulated sweetener that’s safe for your toddler.

    Puffed Snack Brands

    • Awsum Snacks (quinoa based products are their main offering)
    • Free Yumm Foods (they have bars and puffed snacks)
    • Hippeas (good for older kids, not my fave brand because of a recall)
    • Lesser Evil Snacks (grain free is their main offering)
    • Made Good Foods (they have puffed crackers, my kids say they’re bland but good for a toddler)
    • Serenity Kids (their focal point is nutrient dense foods for babies and toddlers)
    • Spudsy (great flavours, sweet potato is their main offering)
    • Vegan Rob’s (interesting flavours, may not be the best for a toddler)

    Hopefully something here meets your needs and you’re able to purchase something puffy for your toddler. One other option is puffed cereal offered by Nature’s Path. Some flavours contain major allergens, so be sure to get in touch with them.

    Good luck investigating,
    ~The Allergy Chef

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