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Ask The Allergy Chef: Safe Easter Candy

Ask The Allergy Chef: Dairy, nut, and soy free Easter candy?

    Do you know of any safe Easter candy? We’re nut free, dairy free, and soy free. Thanks!

    Yes, I know of a few brands. Whilst there are many brands out there free from those ingredients, most are going to be made on shared equipment with or in a shared facility with those ingredients. I’m going to let you know of some brands that aren’t made on shared equipment.

    No Whey Chocolate (GF, V, Top 8/9 Allergy Free) – This is my top pick. They offer a range of options, including seasonal products for Easter. They’re one of my favourite brands to talk about because they have faux M & Ms. A seriously big deal if you ask me.

    Blake’s Seed Based (GF, V, Top 8/9 Free) – They make a rice crispy bar. Whilst it’s not candy, I feel it’s worth mentioning. There are several flavours to choose from. The kids have done a review of the rice crispy treats here.

    Surf Sweets – They have had some structure changes and were bought out. See if they’re still making candy, and if the allergy status would work for you. Before the buy out they were produced in a top 8 free facility.

    Torie & Howard – Some of their products are made on top 8 free equipment last I checked. Go through their website, or reach out to them to find out which products could work.

    Amanda’s Own – I’ve never purchased them, but the products are top 14 free and the company was started by food allergy parents. Definitely worth looking into.

    Outside of those, I’m personally a big fan of little trinkets, craft projects, and LEGO sets in Easter baskets. Hopefully you have some of those to lean in to as well. Check out this article on allergy friendly candy, as it might have more information for you.

    Happy Easter!
    ~The Allergy Chef

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