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Ask The Allergy Chef: Allergic to Peas, Avoid All Legumes?

Ask The Allergy Chef: Allergic to peas. Avoid all legumes?

    Hello, if I’m allergic to peas, should I be avoiding all legumes? No one is giving me a clear answer. Thank you.

    I’m sorry you’re not getting a clear answer. There’s a reason you’re not finding clarity and that’s because no two people are the same. Legumes and tree nuts have something in common: people can be allergic to one, some, or all of them.

    Your allergist may be able to order a panel to see which legumes you should be avoiding to give you a starting point. Whilst testing isn’t 100% accurate, you’d at least have a starting idea, and hopefully avoid eliminating foods unnecessarily.

    A lot of people who are allergic to peas can consume other lentils, so don’t count yourself out just yet. Whilst doing food trials, be sure to keep a strict food journal so you can track your progress. This also allows you to quickly identify if a food needs to be eliminated.

    Also know that within the bean family, there are a LOT of beans, and some are easier to digest than others. Do some research before trialing and start with the beans that are easier to digest.

    I’ll leave you with this article that goes deeper into the topic.

    Happy reading!
    ~The Allergy Chef

    Legume Allergy Details (Beans, Peas, Lentils)

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