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Home » Food Allergy Help 101: Celiac Disease (and Wheat Allergy)

Food Allergy Help 101: Celiac Disease (and Wheat Allergy)

Food Allergy Help 101: Celiac Disease

Sign up for a FREE email course, Food Allergy Help 101: Celiac Disease. This is an excellent course especially for the newly diagnosed. The information also applies if you have a wheat allergy or gluten intolerance without a Celiac diagnosis.

This is an INTENSIVE course that covers a wide range of topics. Unlike our other Food Allergy Help 101 courses, this is two weeks instead of one.

In this free two week email e-course, we cover:

  • Celiac and Wheat Allergy Definitions
  • Top 3 Gluten Free Tips
  • Reading Labels
  • Equipment & Facility
  • Cross Contact
  • Gluten Free Certification
  • How to Shop Gluten Free
  • Gluten Free Carbs
  • Product Suggestions
  • Hidden Sources of Gluten
  • Copping in the Early Days
  • Easy Gluten Free Food Hacks
  • Sweets & Treats
  • Non-Bready Meals
  • Gluten Free Cooking & Baking
  • Gluten Free Sauces, Pasta, Soup
  • Gluten Free Flour
  • Egg Free Baking Tips
  • Gluten Free Meal Plans (also allergy friendly)
  • Eating at Restaurants When You’re Gluten Free
  • Areas of Concern
  • Easy Gluten Free Items to Order
  • Socializing
  • Including Your Food
  • Gluten Free Budgeting
  • Gluten Free at Work
  • Taking Lunches
  • Parties & Events
  • Gluten Free Kids
  • Neutral
  • Communication
  • Gluten Free at School
  • Being Prepared
  • Reactions & More
  • Action Plan & Recovery
  • Food Journal
  • Best Kitchen Tools for Your Gluten Free Kitchen
  • Mental Health
  • Depression, Anxiety, Isolation
  • Brain Fog
  • Gut Health
  • Beating Cravings
  • Next Gluten Free Steps
  • And More

Be sure to add our email address, to you safe senders/whitelist. We don’t want these emails to end up in the wrong place.

Please note, if you sign up for more than one course at a time, you will be receiving multiple emails per day. We STRONGLY recommend that you sign up for one and come back to choose another once you’ve made your way through a course.

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