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The Allergy Chef™ from Free & Friendly Foods​

"I am the exception, not the rule"

“I may be the exception, but my unique journey with over 200 allergies has inspired me to make a difference. With my experiences, I aim to ensure that no one with any allergy feels alone or excluded. Together, let’s create a safer and more inclusive world for all.”

My Early Challenges

My dad died shortly after I turned 5, and the stress that I had to endure increased every day. Hindsight it was probably during this time the leaky gut started. That amount of physical and emotional stress on a child is simply too much.

As a young child, I struggled with several allergies and sensitivities, including:

  • Eggs, chocolate, and milk
  • Grass – Yes you read that right, I was allergic to GRASS
  • Soaps and detergents

These sensitivities, combined with a predisposition to gaining weight, led to me being overweight from a young age. 

I was the fattest kid in kindergarten, weighing in at a whopping 60 pounds. By grade 4, I was in the 140 range. 

Middle School - A Turn For The Worse

“I was unable to fit on rollercoasters”

I went on a school trip, and on the second to last night of the school trip, I had the most delicious meal ever – soft pasta. It was creamy, filling, and perfect The next day, I experienced uncontrollable shaking that started with just a little tremor in my hands and lasted for hours.

A flight journey later, an emergency landing, blue lighted to hospital, and numerous brain scans, with no answers. 

DUH! It was the wheat and dairy overload.

My Weight ballooned to 450llbs
I didn’t have a scale that could hold me.

Enter the greatest doctor ever, a chiropractor. he suggested I could have a problem with gluten. I began to remove ingredients from my diet, and it wasn’t until I started to remove corn that I started to feel so much better.  I tested positively allergic to just about everything. I also tested positive for having more food sensitivities than I can count. When you added it all up, there wasn’t much ingredients left.

10 years ago, I never knew this allergy world existed. Now, I’m determined to make it a better one. My dream is to make it so there isn’t another kid that gets looked over, and that we can stop these problems before they start.

Allergy Free Recipes