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Home » Ask The Allergy Chef: Non Food Gift Ideas for an Adult?

Ask The Allergy Chef: Non Food Gift Ideas for an Adult?

    Ask The Allergy Chef: Good Food-Free Gift Ideas?

    Hi. My boyfriend has food allergies and it seems like a lot of gifts, especially around the holidays are all about food. Do you have any good non-food gift ideas? I feel like I’ve run out of ideas.

    Hey there! It always warms my heart to see people taking care of their partners with food allergies like this. Your care and compassion sure brought me a smile. Here are my personal fave non-food gift ideas. Hopefully something here is new to you.

    A Food Free Experience

    We all know how hard it is to navigate food, so think about experiences your boyfriend would enjoy where food isn’t an issue. Maybe it’s water rafting or a hot air balloon ride. It can also be a gift certificate for sports he likes. Bonus if it’s something you can do together like mini golf or several rounds at the batting cages.

    No matter what you choose, the key is that it’s an experience/outing. The only physical takeaway will be the photos and maybe a souvenir.

    An Upgrade For His Hobby

    If your boyfriend loves cars, some kind of upgrade for the car. If he’s into hiking, maybe it’s new boots (or super warm socks). Listen closely as he shares his passion for said hobby. What could make it a lot more fun for him?

    Alternatively, if he’s been talking about learning something new, a lesson with a professional could be the perfect gift for him.

    Something Crafted

    A lot of men enjoy Lord of the Rings and other medieval themes. Websites such as Etsy could be where you find something crafted such as a sword or something made from chainmail.

    These types of gifts are incredibly unique, and often treasured for years to come.

    Concert Tickets

    If your boyfriend is big music fan, concert tickets could be the way to go. Generally, there’s a lot less food to worry about when attending a concert. If he doesn’t have a contact allergy, sports events tickets is another great option.

    If at all possible, splurge for a VIP experience. I’ve done a few (not at concerts) and it’s nothing short of amazing.

    Photo Album or Printed Photo Book

    This can be filled with the history of your relationship, or maybe just the past year. Add captions to the photos so you can both reminisce on the time you’ve spent together.

    There are several major websites (and some less known) that offer photo book printing services. A few even offer apps so you can upload directly from your phone (super helpful in today’s world).

    No matter what you go with, I hope he enjoys the gift!
    ~The Allergy Chef

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