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Ask The Allergy Chef: Lunch Packing Rut

Ask The Allergy Chef: How to get out of a lunch/sandwich rut?

    I’m in a lunch packing rut. Seems like we only make the same two sandwiches over and over. Any good ideas? We’re gluten free, dairy free, and egg free. Thanks!

    I’ve got just the article for you! This article on Allergy Friendly Sandwiches should give you more ideas than you need at the moment. I’ve also added more resources down below for you to check out.

    Clearly you have a safe bread, and that’s about 65% of the battle in my opinion. From there, it’s getting creative with your fillings.

    That specific article focuses on cold sandwich ideas that aren’t PB&J. I think you’re going to love adding some of those sandwiches into your rotation to help revitalize lunch packing.

    I’ll add this: if your kiddo is new to some of these ideas, test them at home first. We don’t want to send new and foreign flavours to school where kids might pass, then go hungry. That impacts mood and overall learning capacity.

    You can have picnics at home, or have the new filling idea as part of dinner a few times before sending it to school.

    Don’t be afraid to branch out to other lunch ideas as well (as long as your kids are on board). Muffins, dips, waffles, chili, and fried rice are all examples of lunches that aren’t a sandwich, and are easy to make.

    Also, if you haven’t seen the app La La Lunchbox, please check it out. It’s on iOS, and it’s free to download. The gist of the app is that you tell it what’s available, and then kids pick items to pack their lunch. It’s teaching decision making, independence, and meal planning all in one go. These are critical life skills for free-from kids.

    Happy lunch packing!
    ~The Allergy Chef

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