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Are you Newly Diagnosed or Struggling with your diagnoses?

We are incredibly excited to be offering an amazing resource for the newly diagnosed. If you’re new to food allergies and need help, you are in the right place. Our free webinar and tool kit will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to shop and feed your family safely.


Help & Resources From The Allergy Chef

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Meet The Founder and Her Why For Creating The Allergy Chef

Kathlena, The Allergy Chef, has over 200 food allergies and intolerances. Several of her allergies are life threatening, so much so, she can’t even drink most water. She has a handful of safe foods to eat, and one source of safe water. Additionally, most of the members of her household also have food allergies and special diets, none of them the same. (And you thought cooking for your family was tough!)

After being given 30 days to live, Kathlena made it her mission to help the food allergy and special diet communities thrive. Although she can’t eat the food, she helps people find safe and delicious food and recipe options. 

Three years from her lowest point, Kathlena and her team have published several cookbooks, started a bakery, conducted local and nationwide outreach, developed hundreds of free recipes and resources and so much more so that people with food restrictions can thrive.

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Giving People What They Can’t Have?

A wheat allergy. It wasn’t a big deal. Yet, it was devastating for him. He cried… He asked me if he could have pancakes. No. Cake? No. Cupcakes? No. Chicken nuggets? No. He kept crying. 

That same night, I went to Whole Foods while the kids were playing (we were trying to cheer him up) and bought every gluten free item I could find. It was hard because it also had to be dairy free. I spent over $300 that night, and every penny was well spent.

We got home and I set up the kitchen with all the products. We called him in and said “SURPRISE! These are all the things you CAN have!”

Now you don’t have to experiment and blow your budget to put a smile on your kids face, I have created over 600 recipes for you to make any food restrictions fun again.

Food Restriction Recipes for Everyone, Even If You Don’t Have Any Restrictions

And yes, they taste as good as they look. Sign up today to make food restriction foods more fun and delicious.

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Free Resources

Read articles from The Allergy Chef on topics related to living with a restricted diet of any kind.

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