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Help & Resources for the Newly Diagnosed

Learn how to manage your diagnosis,
and find safe & delicious food.

We are incredibly excited to be offering an amazing resource for the newly diagnosed. If you’re new to food allergies and need help, you are in the right place. Our free webinar and tool kit will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to shop and feed your family safely.

Join The Next Webinar & Get Your Weekend Meal Plan & Shopping List

Upcoming Webinar Dates & Times

When you sign up above, you’ll be registered for the next webinar. It’s OK if you can’t make it, or are running late. You’ll also receive a video replay link.

Next Scheduled Webinars:

  • Sat., Feb 5 2022, 10:30am PST | 1:30pm EST

  • Sat., Feb 12 2022, 10:30am PST | 1:30pm EST

  • Sat., Feb 19 2022, 10:30am PST | 1:30pm EST

  • Sat., Mar 12 2022, 10:30am PST | 1:30pm EST

  • Sat., Mar 19 2022, 10:30am PST | 1:30pm EST

  • Sat., Mar 26 2022, 10:30am PST | 1:30pm EST

Webinar Details

Get ready to learn from an expert! The Allergy Chef will teach you about so much during the webinar including:

Next Scheduled Webinars:

  • How To Read Food Labels

  • How To Call Companies

  • Cookware & Bakeware

  • Avoiding Cross-Contact

  • Contact & Airborne Allergies

  • Managing Children

  • Easy Swaps & Substitutions

  • & Much More

What You Can Expect From These Resources

1. In-Depth Free Live Webinar

The Allergy Chef is an expert in the field of food allergies and special diets. Now that you have a diagnosis from your doctor, you will be guided on how to shop and eat safely. You’ll also learn about social dynamics, work, school, and more.

2. Weekend Meal Plan & Shopping List

This resource is simply amazing. It’s gluten free, top 8 allergy free, and sesame free. There are six recipes that you can go shopping for today and start cooking safely, NOW. This guide also includes a handy shopping list.

3. The Manual

When we talk to many people who have been diagnosed with food allergies, they tell us how lost they felt. Many people don’t quite understand what their allergies mean, which foods to avoid, and much more.
The Manual has details on more than 30 allergens, hidden sources of allergens, and also includes information on special diets you may find helpful.

4. Top 8 Allergy Free 3 Day Meal Plan

This additional meal plan will help you plot out the weeks to come. Having safe and delicious food is your priority now, and while it can feel overwhelming, we’re here to help.

5. Toddler Food For a Day Guide

Many of you will be managing small children who are newly diagnosed. Our Toddler Guide will cover things to know when feeding toddlers with food allergies, as well as delicious recipes to help you on your journey.

About The Allergy Chef

Kathlena, The Allergy Chef has over 200 food allergies and food intolerances, and honestly knows what it’s like to walk a mile in your shoes. Additionally, she can’t drink most water, and several years ago was given 30 days to live due to her condition.

After surviving, she made it her mission to make sure others had safe and delicious food to eat, no matter the diagnosis. With over 15 years of experience managing a food allergy family (where no two people are the same) she and her team have created six cookbooks, the RAISE platform, and offer so many resources and outreach programs to help people with restricted diets.

While many think the mask is a gimmick, it’s a life saving device. Kathlena has several life threatening airborne allergies, and cannot leave her home without wearing her respirator.

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